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Short one this time.

Me: *waiting in line with Dad at cashier's*

C for Cashier: Ma'am, these bell peppers aren't the same price. I'll have to weigh and charge them separately.

Me: [Oooh, pretty! Red and green and orange and yellow - just chop them up into long slices and arrange them for an appetizer platter with a dip in the middle.]

Woman Ahead - we'll call her B.

B: What? I'll just keep two then, which ones are the cheap ones? Green and Red you say? Take the other two out. And I need another shopping bag. *bill having been run and given to her*

C: Okay, ma'am - five cents more for another bag.

B: Put my toilet paper in that bag! Why're you so slow?

C: *trying to fit near exact dimension rolls inside bag* I shouldn't go faster, really, ma'am, the bag'll tear - it's barely fitting.

B: Well, it's easier to hold with the handles! You'd think they'd design packaging with handles! *proceeds to bag her lot of stuff slowly, which are blocking my groceries - the ones that have been rung up*

I think nothing of it as I finally get to start loading my stuff in the cart as Dad pays.

B: *suddenly squeezes back and hollers at the cashier* HEY YOU, DID YOU GIVE ME MY RECIEPT?

C: *rattled* I think so. It's not here ... *looking over machine*

Me: I thought I saw you put it in one of your bags, did you check there?

B: *marches off* THANK YOU very much, why don't you just LEARN to mind your own business!

Me: [Whoa, someone's got ANGER management issues.]

Dad: Why don't you just shut up! *after retreating back*

Me: *mental headsmack, starts patting Dad's back to try to calm him down*

B: *rushes back again* DID you just tell me to SHUT UP, DID YOU? *to poor hapless innocent cashier*

Dad: *really mad now* NO, I DID! SHUT UP!

C: Let's all calm down here in favour of world peace .... ^^;;;;;;;;;;

Me: [Dad, it's sweet of you to stand up for me, but really .... we don't have time for this ...] *patpatpatpat* It's okay, Dad - I'm alright....

B: *stalks off muttering*

Dad: I'll take on anyone that messes with my daughter!

But sometimes dad also embarrasses the hell out of me. ^^;;;
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