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The current climate = hotel offering even CHEAPER rates than usual in the low season - this holiday season when most people want to be home with family. The room rates have gone from nearly $200/night to $75. Of course, this means more business for us that we'd rather do WITHOUT because they're cheapskates who're RUDE about making the best bang out of their buck.

"Hot water? I take cup you give me hot water?"

Me: ... huh? *confused*

They were a hispanic looking couple, the guy (we'll say X) who'd approached me. It soon became apparent why - the girl, Y, was deaf-mute and could only talk to him with grunts and sign language.

"This? *shows some supermarket's sad plastic-wrapped pack of green SOMETHING on styrofoam tray* I put this in hot water? You give me hot water?"

Me: Okay ... what size of cup do you want? It'll be at least 25 cents for cup and water.

"THIS one. *points to biggest 20 oz cup*"

Me: *feeling sorry for them, and it is xmas after all, decides to charge cost* 50 cents. [Huh. Those greenstuff must be mint or something, they're trying to make herb tea. Must be tourists on a budget in this weather - it's -20 degrees celcius out with windshield factor.]

"50 cents for two cups?"

Me: [HELL NO.] *alarm starts tingling* No, 50 cents EACH.

"Is your water hot? Really hot?"

Me: *rote reply* Yes, 200 degrees F. [I've SCALDED my skin off once when I was careless!]

X: "Okay, dollar for two cups?"
Y: *gesturing* Up! Top! Up!

Me: [I'm beginning to regret this. I know I'm going to.] Yes. *gets $ and starts filling up, turns back* I didn't fill to top because if you put your greens in, it'll overflow.

X: What?

Me: Water VERY hot, can burn if too high! *grammar skills osmosizing away*

Next they proceeded to try and take over our counter IN FRONT OF THE CASH to do their thing, and Mom had to remind them there's a bigger service counter behind them where they can do their stuff. THEN they wanted to take LOTS of sugar for free.

Finally, "It's too hot!" they grabbed two cardboard java jackets for the paper cups before taking off.

Next time, I'm charging $1 a cup. They can take it or leave it. >.>;;;;

It's just not worth feeling sorry for some people.

And speaking of semi-english speaking tourists ...

... fortuneately, from the parking lot to the store, the three layers of doors have handicap switches you can press, which makes unloading a lot easier when you have to do it alone.

Unfortuneately, it takes about a minute before the door creaks open WIDE enough for me to make my way through.

First door, passes by underground PATH map with a throng of tourists muttering locations on map and rest of conversation in their own language.

Me: [Huh, they must be lost.]

Second door, I hear them trickling in behind me.

Third door, while waiting for the door to open and readjusting the trolly - they start cutting AHEAD of me in clumps and BLOCKING my way in.

Me: [Okay, I'll wait, and if the door starts closing, I'll hit the switch again and take my turn -] OI!!!!!!!

The raging cry was at the last person of the group, who was trying to YANK against the mechanism to CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND THEM after they'd all cut me off. Giving me a startled look, they hurry off and leaves the door alone, finally allowing me in.

I'd have had no problem with them going ahead of a DOOR I OPENED with a heavy load of merchandise single handed, except for that LAST part of trying to shut the door in my face. WTF.
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