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Am I the only person who thinks making loud smacking clacks while chewing gum in public is OBNOXIOUS and rude?
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Not been sick for a while. Been in room-cleaning/collection-pruning hell.

Mommy, I dun wanna give my books up. T_T

And not doing the year's review thing about first non-meme/quiz post of each month because I just don't post that much,and what I do post sounds just like Maiji - missing a daily dose of Ritalin.
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Yeah. I'm SICK.
coughed myself awake at 5am in the morning.

I really shouldn't have infected myself with baby sis' flu by finishing her pop. (well, what's left of the ice cubes, anyhow.)
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BEST. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. DJ. Cover. EVAH )

And yes, it's REAL, not photoshopped or anything. XDDD
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I'm on a mac.

JUST yesterday, I suffered the infamous black screen of death at startup - it somehow miraculously fixed itself this morning. I'm troubleshooting now, to see if there's anything I can/need to fix. *bweh*
If I go AWOL without warning, that's PROBABLY what happened. I'll try to post a message from baby sis' PC if that happens - but sometimes she's not home and I can't get permission, or I'm going to WORK anyhow in five min and can't post ANYWAY.

... raaaaaggghhhhh.
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I kept thinking about you all during the time I was spending with family and worrying over how you were doing - even though I couldn't do a thing about it.

POST/email tell me when you get back please?

I saw that there was a phone call to the apartment at around 7:30 PM tonight, about an hour before I just got home ... meh.

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*gacks off of baby sis' LJ*

Interesting, I've wanted to study Korean for a while, too. :D
And yay! I'm a DORK! and an OUTCAST genius! :D

quiz results cut to save space )
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You know how suddenly when fragments, snatches of half-remembered song lyrics or poetry grab you, and you get the urge to read/hear the said lyrics/stanzas in its entirety?

And you get driven NUTS when you can't find it for the life of you?

I'm reasonably sure this is a fanwork from my days as a member of the ol' FFyaoi ML, and was a part of some collaborative writing project that has to do with Xenogears. (something about Solarians and Lambs)

I can only remember fragments of the "love song of ground and sky", and given the common elements, it's very hard to google for, even with fragments like "you from the ground and I from the sky" and "if the ground and the sky should happen to meet". XD;;;;
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... lord. I hath sinned through my own fault

Spira has become TEENYBOPPERLAND. OMG WTF the HIPHOP MUSIC BG, the .... BARBIE SONG AND DANCE routine, the purple and PINK girlie letters.

I expected bikini babes, not this ... OVERWHELMING flood of ... Princessy-fluff.
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..... all I can SCREAM after watching all episodes of star ocean ex.

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*phone rings*

Me: ?
Me: *picks up*
Recorded Message: We're Sorry, all of our representatives are currently busy. Please hold and wait for the next available representative.
Me: ... I don't think so. *hangs up*

*later, recounting to sis*

Sis: ... wth. Weren't you suppose to call them first?
Me: You know, it figures that something like this would happen when I'm reading the second last page of the Hichhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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So, yes, the Pope has passed on.

Me: *reading the paper, one of the many subpages on inter-church politicking now that John Paul II's gone*
Mom: ... Is that any good?
Me: ... [hn?] (background info, parents are DEVOUT Roman Catholics. I'm baptized and confirmed, but am not)... what?
Mom: That recipe you're looking at. Is it any good?
Me: ... erm, mom, those are CARDINALS, and that's a small flow chart of the pope-election process.
Mom: Oh! With all those circular backgrounds and the red bodies, I thought it was some restaurant advertising their various dishes!

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I visited my grandfather at a senior's complex (not quite a senior's home, since they live in different apartments, but still have nurses and medical staff stationed) today with my sister and my dad.

We got on the elevator at ground floor with an old lady.

She was very anxious to help, but couldn't press the buttons to the floors hard enough.
So I asked her which floor she'd liked, after pressing 9 (my grandfather's floor).
She said '2' - I asked more than once, since she had a bit of an accent and was hard to understand.

So I pressed '2' after '9'.

Then she said something that sounded like 'ate' and I thought she meant not two, but '8'. Her jabbing ineffectually at the 8 button confirmed this.

But when the elevator stopped at the second floor, she got off, while I told her that it was the second floor and not the eighth.

Then a REALLY weird thing happened as the elevator continued upwards.

At sixth floor, an old man came in, saying he wanted to go 'up'.
We didn't bother pressing the floor after he said which floor he wanted to go to.

He got off at the eighth floor.

...................... now, I have several possible conclusions in mind.

a) The old lady is a witch or psychic, and she KNEW that someone was going to need the eighth floor.

b) The old lady wanted to go to the eighth floor, and got off at the second by mistake.

c) The old lady is senile and neither were the floor she wanted to go to.

d) It was just a coincidence, she wanted to go to the second floor.

... .what do you think?
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*fools around with sis* XD

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1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your own bulletin...along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

The older women took her away, and drew off her garments, concealing her with their bodies.

- The Hunting of Death: The Unicorn, Tanith Lee
(book is Unicorns II, edited by Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois)
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Read this in the Toronto Star today.

Despairing U.S. lefties look north for 'Mr. Right' )


.... Also, I REALLY agree with Carla MacDonald of Salt Lake City, Utah.
"The irony that the further right the U.S. leans (i.e. the more conservative, the more isolationist, the more certain that the Almighty is on their side, etc.), the more it resembles its so-called "enemies." seems to be lost on the majority of Americans."
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Anyone has any more suggestions or advice would be MUCHLY be appreciated.

Looks like my favorite Brand, Canon, is NOT very mac friendly. I WON'T TOUCH HP OR LEXMARK PRINTERS WITH MY WORST ENEMY'S INTESTINES.

... time to do research on brother and samsung. T_T;


OKAY, forget Brother and SAMSUNG for now. I'm just gonna focus on CANON a brand I KNOW I CAN TRUST with REASONABLE INK CARTRIDGE PRICES for the printers and printers that DO NOT BREAK DOWN after three years of use.

Following models under consideration.

PIXMA iP2000 (~$74 USD)
Canon i475D (~$99)
both use same cartridges, black and colour, $7 & $17 respectively.

Canon i900D ($181)
Canon i960D ($205)
$9 black cartridge, C M & Y $11

PIXMA MP750 & MP780 ($237, $283)
$10 CMY, $9 B

Let's hope Staples stocks at least one of them. If not, it's back to CSC. XP
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