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Lala - it's been AGES since I've posted.

First, what's been happening - I've been been a) too tired to go online (trust me, a 5am waking routine to a 6pm cleanup from working in parents' store leave you energy for little more than a desire to see the pillow rather than the comp screen), b) sick and in bed and c) working at Edward Jones and suffering cram sessions to make sure I still remember how to do everything.

And it's THAT time of the year again, getting xmas prezzies and parcels ready, since I'll be returning to Taiwan to visit my maternal grandfather and uncles and cousins. I'll probably elaborate on that more, few weeks before I go - planned ETA is Dec. 21st and return on Jan 2nd.

The incoherent WTF from customer/neighbour that inspired and reminded me to post. )
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Something happier today. :D

Mom's little hearing problem with 'tea' orders ... )

XD It was understandable the first time (we carry over five kinds of caffeinated teas and another 5 herbal ones), and it HAD been a long day with 2x the amount of customers the first time ... but ....

Mom: I don't suck that much!
Me: ... only if it wasn't the second time.
Mom: But there was a long time between this happening!
Me: .......
Mom: Honest! It's only the third time!

XD It's one of those things that doesn't read as well, but if you read it out loud, you'd get it.

For those of you who don't know, BLT stands for BaconLettuceTomato, a sandwich standard/shorthand. :3
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The current climate = hotel offering even CHEAPER rates than usual in the low season - this holiday season when most people want to be home with family. The room rates have gone from nearly $200/night to $75. Of course, this means more business for us that we'd rather do WITHOUT because they're cheapskates who're RUDE about making the best bang out of their buck.

I'm handicapped, so I get stuff for free! )

It's just not worth feeling sorry for some people.

And speaking of semi-english speaking tourists ...

There I was, merrily carting two cases of juice bottles + 1 case of perrier water + 1 case of gatorade off the car ... )
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This little gem happened yesterday, but just REALLY stuck out in my mind again today. )
.... There are no words.

And there's more today! )

Maybe I should post these one day later so that only the REALLY memorable ones make it. *shakes head*
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Short one this time.

Aww, I love you too, Dad. )

But sometimes dad also embarrasses the hell out of me. ^^;;;
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So I decided that I really really needed to vent about the LACK of common courtesy in retail - from customers' end. This may become a long term trend, both as an outlet and to let people know that I'm still amongst the living.

Cut to not flood folks' friendlists. )

Sometimes I wish I can just sweetly smile at a customer, tell them that sorry, our coffee's OBVIOUSLY not good enough for them, and that MAYBE Blue Mountain will come close to their expectations.


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