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Lala - it's been AGES since I've posted.

First, what's been happening - I've been been a) too tired to go online (trust me, a 5am waking routine to a 6pm cleanup from working in parents' store leave you energy for little more than a desire to see the pillow rather than the comp screen), b) sick and in bed and c) working at Edward Jones and suffering cram sessions to make sure I still remember how to do everything.

And it's THAT time of the year again, getting xmas prezzies and parcels ready, since I'll be returning to Taiwan to visit my maternal grandfather and uncles and cousins. I'll probably elaborate on that more, few weeks before I go - planned ETA is Dec. 21st and return on Jan 2nd.

The incoherent WTF from customer/neighbour that inspired and reminded me to post. )
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Okay, so it's not as big a plane as a translantic flight one would be.

But I'm NOT used to being tossed about like on a smaller inter-north-america-continental jet. For near THREE hours straight.

Just as well I decided against having dinner before the plane.

And this is AFTER the 3:45 departure flight turned into a 7 pm-ish one.


(If I wasn't traveling light - carry-ons only - their prices wouldn't have seduced me.)

Remind me to take Delta, United, or AA next time for cheap flights.

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..... I will refrain from saying more since to explain would totally spoil the movie.

That being said, I'm using the impetuous to fic out a part I've been stuck at for months. Any help regarding secondary contamination and radiation poisoning would be appreciated, for the online info I dug up is mostly technical and I KNOW I /would/ have misrepresented/misunderstood stuff when putting it in vernacular to be understood. JACK, you TOTALLY messed up. (Danny Phantom's the fandom, FYI)

Also, LAVENDER shaved ice FTW to finish off the day. It was a GOOD day.
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... and there to stay with my most best beloved until june 23rd.

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Something happier today. :D

Mom's little hearing problem with 'tea' orders ... )

XD It was understandable the first time (we carry over five kinds of caffeinated teas and another 5 herbal ones), and it HAD been a long day with 2x the amount of customers the first time ... but ....

Mom: I don't suck that much!
Me: ... only if it wasn't the second time.
Mom: But there was a long time between this happening!
Me: .......
Mom: Honest! It's only the third time!

XD It's one of those things that doesn't read as well, but if you read it out loud, you'd get it.

For those of you who don't know, BLT stands for BaconLettuceTomato, a sandwich standard/shorthand. :3
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The current climate = hotel offering even CHEAPER rates than usual in the low season - this holiday season when most people want to be home with family. The room rates have gone from nearly $200/night to $75. Of course, this means more business for us that we'd rather do WITHOUT because they're cheapskates who're RUDE about making the best bang out of their buck.

I'm handicapped, so I get stuff for free! )

It's just not worth feeling sorry for some people.

And speaking of semi-english speaking tourists ...

There I was, merrily carting two cases of juice bottles + 1 case of perrier water + 1 case of gatorade off the car ... )
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This little gem happened yesterday, but just REALLY stuck out in my mind again today. )
.... There are no words.

And there's more today! )

Maybe I should post these one day later so that only the REALLY memorable ones make it. *shakes head*
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Short one this time.

Aww, I love you too, Dad. )

But sometimes dad also embarrasses the hell out of me. ^^;;;
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So I decided that I really really needed to vent about the LACK of common courtesy in retail - from customers' end. This may become a long term trend, both as an outlet and to let people know that I'm still amongst the living.

Cut to not flood folks' friendlists. )

Sometimes I wish I can just sweetly smile at a customer, tell them that sorry, our coffee's OBVIOUSLY not good enough for them, and that MAYBE Blue Mountain will come close to their expectations.
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February 24th 2007 - Creme Puffs & Eclairs
March 3rd 2007 - Piped Shortbread Cookies
March 10th 2007 - Black Forest Cake
March 17th 2007 - Swiss Roll
March 24th 2007 - Fruit Flan, Fruit Tarts
March 31st 2007 - Strawberry Shortcake (garnished with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries)

For ye who'd like to base watching the remainder of the Star Ocean: Ex night's pleasure. XDDD
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And sweetiepie, Secret Ninja went kaput AGAIN so ... I'm posting it here.

XD Poor widdle Zuko, getting smacked by Sokka's boomerang followed by Aang on a penguin. XD SOOOO CUTE.

Poor little cutie pie. Katara not getting Aang's Avatar state waterbending right was hilarious too.

XD I'm imagining Fugen making water harps and sculptures with waterbending now <3 Landscaping ahoy!

... LOVED it.
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A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
Look up:
Definition:Snow that has been on the ground for over a year. See also, firn.
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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An Episode of slight 'wtf' )

Yeah, I know I was being a smart aleck, but seriously, what else can you say to that? XD

Also learned something new:
If you mix epsom salts + beer (any kind, so use crappy beer) together, and paint it over a piece of regular glass, you can get frosted glass.
(Drying time takes about half an hour and you have to make sure it doesn't drip.)
And if you get tired of seeing through smokey glass, just rinse it off with water and it's as good as new - the chemical reaction the beer + eposom salts make also cleans glass REALLY well.
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<td align="center">Your walk is:


Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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I love my grandfather, even when he FORGETS what he's no longer capable of and bites off more than he can chew.

*just came off the phone after about an HOUR on the line helping him translate a Chinese New Year's Party flyer from Chinese to English*

He somehow got himself on it LISTED as part of the organizer committee, despite the fact that he's SICK with a horrid skin infection and needs a nurse coming in to give him a shot every day.

*sigh* I suppose he enjoys feeling needed, but HONESTLY, that committee overcomplicates things to much. There's no special ticket price for OTHER Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners, but NO, the Chinese committee just HAD to give a special discount to "non-chinese residents" of the senior home.

AND they've done so for more than a year so it's tradition?! PLEASE, people are going to grumble. From what he's told me, the other Chinese attendees are miffed they don't have the discount and are fleeced/treating the non-Chinese, and I don't think the other residents feel it's a FAVOUR, either.

They probably think they're missing out on some superspecial Chinese draw because they get the discount, that's what I told him, and that since they put him on the committee, he really should tell them to just MAKE ALL THE PRICES THE SAME.

There's also a great bunch of nonsense about 'family members who are non-resident' discounts, but apparently they don't want to state it OUTRIGHT but they don't want the non-chinese people bringing too many of THEIRS in. FEH. I SAY IF YOU FEEL THAT WAY, JUST SCALP EVERYONE THE SAME.


I have a headache.
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In a good way. I mean.
At least mine are all kooky and amusing, too.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Kotoshin!

  1. Kotoshin is the only king without a moustache on the standard pack of cards.
  2. There is no lead in a lead pencil - it is simply a stick of graphite mixed with kotoshin and water!
  3. Bananas don't grow on trees - they grow on kotoshin.
  4. Kotoshin will become gaseous if her temperature rises above -42°C.
  5. In Chinese, the sound 'kotoshin' means 'bite the wax tadpole'.
  6. Baskin Robbins once made kotoshin flavoured ice cream.
  7. Birds do not sleep in kotoshin, though they may rest in her from time to time!
  8. Kotoshin is actually a vegetable, not a fruit.
  9. The ace of spades in a playing card deck symbolizes kotoshin.
  10. Kotoshin can taste with her feet.
I am interested in - do tell me about
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It appears that I am a Snake.

.... >.>

If you take the test, show me what you are, you wild beasts, you.

Maiji should REALLY change sizes. She's closer to an OWL than a Mouse, and the Penguin got her perfectly.
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